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Our company offers a diverse range of services as a problem solver, manufacturer, and service partner for industry and trade.

Who we are

In our fourth generation family-owned company, the continuous development of new formulations, products, and applications is the natural matter of course, as has been the research and development of problem solutions for our global customers for more than 110 years.

We manufacture in two production facilities in Germany, because the safety and quality of our product features, such as ultimate performance, low wear, and quick exchange were, are, and will always be our first goal, in order to benefit our customers.


Company building

We are driven by your satisfaction in finding long-lasting and highly economic solutions for your technical demands.

With close regard for our customers’ demands, we naturally place great emphasis in implementing cost-effective high quality products, maximum application safety and resource- efficient input of manpower, and environmentally friendly raw materials.

Our brand’s certified approval certificates and product safety, as well as consistent and proven raw material quality, ensure your success.


Our competency in providing innovative, safe, and proven quality products and system components guide industry leaders to us.

Our main focus is your benefit and satisfaction. Quality is inherent in every step of product design, from finding solutions to customers’ demands to manufacturing, installation, and our guaranteed spare parts supply availability, always bound to maximum possible product safety by using safe.

Product names like our CERA friction laggings or MPM powder metallurgy sinter friction materials, among others, were born in our company.


The optimum in service starts with our high level of professional communication. Moreover, we offer comprehensive and global pre- and after-sales service at all times, and onsite, giving us a high level of repeat ordering over decades of service.

Our services include mounting, fitting, and assembly on customers’ worksites and individualized customer solutions.


Our production of friction materials depends on readily available raw materials and energy in a world where the minerals and fuel resources are continually being depleted and industrial waste is a growing problem.

This is why M.I.C.K.E. BRUEHMANN pursues a consistent green policy. We prioritize following environmental regulations and working with mill suppliers that use renewable raw materials, the introduction of energy saving production processes and environmentally friendly waste treatment processes, all under the motto:

Avoid – Reduce – Recycle – Reuse.

We have spent years formulating products which are made entirely of recycled waste or scrap material.