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High performance brake lining (Sintermetal Drum Brake Linings) for heavy-duty drum brakes with guaranteed high friction coefficients and insensitive against solvent vapors and oils/fats, not inflammable.

Customers and Applications

Thermically and dynamically high stressed drum brakes, eg. in crane brakes, often cannot be operated satisfactorily with organic brake linings in die-pressed or in roll brake lining form out of the following reasons:

  • too high gliding speeds
  • too high brake / lining surface pressures
  • too high brake lining wear in continuous operation mode
  • insufficient heat resistance
  • functional failure due to contact with organic solvents and oils, eg. in chemical and steel industries


  1. Development of a drum brake lining featuring greatly improved technical specs with regard to friction coefficient, wear, mechanical stability, temperature stability and resistance against chemicals like organic solvents and oils as compared to standard brake linings
  2. Guaranteed high friction coefficients µ > 0,4
  3. Considerable prolongation of lining service life

Frame Requirements

Metal pickling plants for inox steel coils in the worldwide steel industries make use of  heavy-duty cranes which are mainly equipped with drum brakes as per DIN 14435. These brake systems are not encased which makes them easily accessible by the chemically aggressive solvent vapors of the pickling baths. Standard resin and rubber bound organic brake linings absorb these solvent vapors which leads to the chemical decomposition and mechanical destruction of the organic linings. In the course of this decomposition process the brake linings feature a dramatic loss of their friction potential thus presenting a high safety risk for the company installations and their staff.


Our Solution

Sintermetal Drum Brake Linings

Bolt-on or rivet-on  MPM  (“Micke Powder Metallurgy”) in prismatic design made from  and friction stable  formulations including ceramic components. We offer suitable for any application.

The safe and durable mechanical connection between brake lining and drum brake shoe makes sure that the linings cannot detach themselves from the brake shoe even under high temperature loads in solvent vapors, this ensuring a safe and trouble-free operation.


Our R&D department succeeded in developing a special sintermetallic brake lining formulation which features stable friction coefficients, low wear characteristics and chemical resistance demanded in heavy-duty applications.

In comparison to organic brake linings our new line of sintermetal linings, which so far have mainly been used in disc brakes, exhibit as from now on the same continuously high performance in fast gliding speed, high surface pressure, and long lifetime also in drum brakes.

The inorganic, metallo-ceramic formulation of our sintermetal brake linings make them essential and indispensable in state-of-the-art industrial brakes engineering especially for operating temperatures > 500°C.