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Guaranteed high coefficient of friction for special applications with MICKE FIBRE GRIP cold or hot bonded heavy – duty woven friction laggings (Woven Friction Materials).


Elevator or vertical conveyor-belt systems pose special challenges to the drive pulley friction laggings to ensure a slip-free power transfer between the drive pulley and the conveyor belt.

Belt conveyors in hot applications require a friction lagging, which permanently withstands the thermal stress and does not wear prematurely. In case of hot wire link belts there is an additional mechanical load on the pulley lagging, which calls for specially suitable lagging materials.


  1. Development of a drive pulley friction lagging with improved technical characteristics as regards friction, wear, mechanical strength and temperature resistance in comparison to ordinary rubber laggings
  2. Guaranteed high friction coefficients µ > 0.7 for slip-free operation of bucket elevator drives and wire link belt applications
  3. Wear Protection with insensitivity to mechanical stress such as shock / spot pressure, jolts inflicted by metal belt fasteners or bolt fixings of belt buckets
  4. Maximum shear strength of the adhesive layer between the lining and the pulley shell under temperature stress ≥ 200 °C
  5. Significant lifetime increase of friction laggings especially in hot application


By the upward movement of the bulk material in vertical conveyors, heavy loads are generated on the drive pulley. The conveyor load capacity may well reach more than 2500 m³ / hour, the belt distance betweendrive and return pulley axle easily going up to 130 m in combination with belt speeds from 1 ‑ 4 m/s.

For a slip-free drive especially under heavy load operation very high belt tensions are required in order to prevent belt slippage on conventional rubber laggings. High belt tensions cause premature and exponentially growing wear of the friction laggings. Alternatively used ceramic friction lagging materials might be damaged under certain circumstances due to exposed metal belt connectors or bolt-on fasteners.

The thermal stress in hot applications up to 250 ° C subject the friction lagging material even to more additional stress. Conventional rubber laggings can only be used at maximum operating temperatures of 70 – 90°C.


Woven Friction Materials

MICKE FIBRE GRIP pulley friction laggings made from highly wear resistant and mechanically and thermally highly resilient, heavy – duty woven and specially impregnated and cured non-asbestos fibre carcasses in 2 versions.


1. Rubber backed woven friction lagging MICKE FIBRE GRIP featuring hot – vulcanized woven friction blocks with user friendly CN bonding layer in 15 mm thickness. The friction laggings may be directly bonded onto the pulleys or onto the steel shells of our MICKE SHELL LAG quick – exchange system using contact adhesive systems such as the MICKE SUPERBOND 197 P/B/H.

2. All – woven heavy duty friction lagging MICKE FIBRE GRIP for all hot applications up to 250 ° C. The lagging is suitable for all cylindrical or conical / crown faced pulleys respectively may be produced in conical surface execution in thicknesses from 6 to 30 mm.


The aim of our development of the MICKE FIBRE GRIP was to offer a longtime hard – wearing and extremely mechanically tough friction lagging for troublefree operation of bucket elevator and conveyor belt systems.
Our lagging material was capable to reach up to 5 times longer service life as compared to previously used conventional rubber friction laggings. Start – up problems due to low coefficient of friction of drive pulley laggings could be greatly minimized respectively eliminated.
MICKE FIBRE GRIP pulley friction laggings provide optimum wear protection for the drive pulleys similar to ceramic friction materials and are also insensitive to mechanical stress, blows or shocks inflicted by exposed metal belt connectors or bolt – on fasteners.

For hot applications in connection with or without wire link belts the MICKE FIBRE GRIP is the ultimate friction stable drive pulley lagging featuring the highest bonding strength guaranteed by hot bonding via the special adhesive between pulley and lagging. The very low material intrinsic wear of the special woven lagging carcass extends the lagging lifetime considerably and minimizes the production loss due to the much less frequent necessity of exchanging worn – out or damaged laggings.

MICKE FIBRE GRIP friction laggings serve to decrease the cost of your investment and increase the capacity of your belt conveyor and bucket elevator systems.